The Tafflab project was set up in 2014 to enable young entrepreneurs from three FE colleges in the South Wales Valleys to fulfil their business dreams. Each college has a College Enterprise Champion that helps select students for Tafflab and works closely with mentors and those students to help realise their dreams.

To each student admitted into a year’s cohort, Tafflab assigns one or more mentors drawn from RSA Fellows that have agreed to support to the project. Most recently, mentors have included previous cohort members who wish to nurture another cohort of entrepreneurs.

Cohorts to date have included students with businesses in cleaning, decorating, makeup, cake making, costume and prop making, barbering, luxury hampers … the list goes on. Through the support of Tafflab, student entrepreneurs have received encouragement, support and advice from their assigned mentors along with staff at their College.

As a project, Tafflab was itself ‘spun out’ and a Charity created early in 2019 to take it forward. A dedicated group of Trustees oversee the operation of Tafflab and meet on a regular basis. The ongoing success of Tafflab is due to the energy and enthusiasm of all involved. Mentors and Trustees give their time freely; and each year, the list of mentors grows.

Take a look at the video below.