Tafflab’s trustees and mentors have a wealth of experience across the whole gamut of commercial and industrial sectors and share this with Tafflab’s participants. Each year, Tafflab’s cohort features presentations when they start their Tafflab journey from mentors about areas all new business owners should consider.

In the article Devising PEST and SWOT Analyses, Tafflab CEO, Trustee and Mentor Rod Ashley talks about the identifying key aspects of business ideas and plans, and about yourself. These are taken from a book written by Rod entitled Improving Your Employability, published by Hodder.

In the article Regulatory Affairs, Tafflab mentor Dr. David Owen OBE talks about regulatory affairs, an area in which he is an expert having brought many medical products to market.

In the article Commercial Insurance, Tafflab mentor and Trustee Peter Wright talks about what you need to know to ensure you and your customers are covered.