Tafflab is a Charity, no. 1182109, registered in England & Wales. Its activities are overseen by a Board of Trustees that meets regularly to ensure it achieves its stated objectives.

Rod Ashley initially worked in education, and in the 1990s set up a consultancy company which has served over 100 clients in Wales and across the UK and Europe. His particular interest is employability and skills development and he has written many books in this field . A keen driver, Rod has also been Chair of several motoring-related organisations. Rod was Vice-Chair of RSA Wales for some years. Rod is a Trustee of Tafflab and also its CEO.

Peter Wright holds a number of Non-Executive Director positions following over 35 successful years of experience of direct SME lending and investing. Peter is Entrepreneur in Residence at Coleg y Cymoedd and his experience brings a unique perspective to the challenges of setting up and growing a business. Peter is Chair of Tafflab and a Tafflab Mentor.

Dr. Meirion MorganĀ has spent the bulk of this professional career in finance and currently works as a Quantitative Analyst at a hedge fund in London. He has also co-founded a specialist financial services company, and a small software company with products for assessing financial risk implications of physical asset management strategies. He has also lectured in Mathematics, Computing and Business across the UK, and is the Treasurer of Tafflab.

Dr. Jane Croad has worked in senior roles in industry and academia across the UK, USA and Europe. She has a special interest in economic development of cities and towns by attracting skilled people with a research focus on identifying opportunities for social and economic development in the 4th Industry Digital revolution. Jane is a Trustee and is also a Tafflab Mentor.

Dr. Kathy Seddon worked in schools and colleges combining her passionate interest in education, technology and the environment and acts as a consultant on eLearning. She is also a member of The Marie Curie Research Strategic Advisory Committee. Kathy co-founded Tafflab.

Karen Phillips who is retired, worked for 39 years in local government, higher education, commercial law and further education.  Karen was Principal & CEO of Coleg y Cymoedd and was co-founder of the Tafflab project which was introduced into the south-east Wales colleges in 2015. Karen is interested in creating opportunities through developing networks that reach into communities and provide opportunities for talent to flourish.